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There’s essentially 2 modes of gameplay in this game: Detective Mode and Interrogation mode.

detective mode

In Detective mode, you’ll be able to roam around parts of the city. You start off with only a few locations you can travel to, but gain more as the story progresses. It's important to note that this is NOT a sandbox game, not really. The places you go and the things you're able to do are contained in a chapter.


Traveling throughout the city you'll try figure out the mysteries that have enveloped your life recently. You'll do this by talking to people you meet and discovering clues along the way. People like the ones you see below. Be careful of how you interact with people you meet though."


Depending on your choices, things could end up getting romantic...


Or people end up with blue balls. Nobody wants that!

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 17.31.54

You’ll be able to click on items and people like those highlighted below.


Important items of interest will be stored on your phone, which is located at the top left of your screen. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 17.43.12

Your phone is your best friend. You’ll find plenty of useful things in there.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 17.45.00

The game rewards you for doing more than less, so make sure to find all the items throughout your adventure. You will also be notified when you've obtained all items (Other than hidden items).


Throughout the game you'll get tasks from different characters. Simply use these as a reference for what you need to do next. 


You can click MORE INFO on any task for additional info and story context.


The game incorporates a simple messaging system. When you get a message, you'll see a notification on your phone and the contact that messaged.


Usually when you get a text from a character, you have the option to reply to what they've said. This factors into the story, as well as the Love, Lust and Likability that the characters have for you. How you respond, and when, play an important role to how characters respond to you. As the game progresses, messages will play a bigger role for lewd and story content


This game has a LOVE, LUST, and LIKABILITY points system.
When you interact with characters that can be romantic interests, your actions and choices will affect the way they feel for you. When you do things that increase your LOVE, LUST or LIKABILITY, you will see a short animation play.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 19.52.08

LOVE is the amount of affection a character has for you. Simply put, you just need to do things that show that you care for them. Help them out when you can and be there for them.





LUST is the level of how much a character wants to be intimate with you. In order to increase LUST, do what you can to be intimate with a character. Show them you want to be more than friends, and that you find them to be attractive.





LIKABILITY is the level a person would share a piece of cake with you.....Seriously. If a person likes you a lot, they'll share their cake with you, and if they don't, they might share it with someone else! In order to increase LIKABILITY, show that you care for others including your romantic interests. This is the only stat that changes when interacting with other characters. For example, if Vanessa is close to Ellie and you do something that's nice to Ellie. Vanessa would eventually find out and your LIKABILITY could increase for Vanessa and Ellie. It's easier than it might sound. Simply put, don't be an asshole and you'll be fine.





You can view your LOVE, LUST, and LIKABILITY stats with each character on your phone. Click "MORE INFO" to see detailed information and notes to help you out.


Your LOVE, LUST, and LIKABILITY stats will determine how characters interact with you, along with whether you can pursue romance and lewdness and down the line, which ending you will get.


interrogation mode

Not as much time is spent in Interrogation Mode than Detective Mode, however some of the most significant moments of the game happen during Interrogation. Detective Mode prepares you to do well in Interrogation Mode.

In Interrogation Mode, you'll listen to an individual telling you their side of a story through a series of statements. Once you figure out the statement that doesn’t match up with the clues you have, you will be able use your phone and show the contradicting item to them.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 21.35.07

Based on how well you did at finding clues and items in Detective Mode, you may have more clues to make interrogations easier. 

Be careful on what you show, you have a certain number of lives each interrogation, and will lose a life each time you show the wrong item. Once you lose all your lives, it's either game over or a major hit to your LOVE, LUST and LIKABILITY stats for that character.


After every successful interrogation, you will get a lewd reward in some shape or form ;)

planned features

*Below is a list of features we would LOVE to add to the game. There's already a plan in place to add them (Coding, asset creation, scalability, timelines etc.) ,however based on interest and support, they may or may not be added.

dating app

This relates to the LOVE, LUST and LIKABILITY system. Once you would reach a certain level of LOVE, LUST, and LIKABILITY with a character, you would be notified that you can go on a date with them. These dates would be able to be accessed at anytime from your phone, and would allow for more of a natural progression in relationships. 

side stories

Side stories are just like the title suggests. These would be side stories for characters in Time For You. Although there's 12 full chapters of content for the game, there's plenty of stories, adventures and lewdness that didn't make the cut and are waiting to be told. 

These stories would be accessed from your phone at any time, and provide a chance learn about more of the characters in the game. Along with that, There would be polls on patreon and subscribestar to choose which characters you would like to see in future side stories. 


A shop app on your phone where you can use in-game cash to buy bonus items, lewds, wallpapers as well as things you missed from previous chapters. 

You're not going to be forced to grind in this game. The game rewards you for doing more and finding bonus items and finishing bonus, side tasks etc. At the end of each chapter based on how you've done, you'll get cash to spend at the shop. The less you do, the less cash you'll get. 

There will be a grind game in the shop to get cash, if you need it.


Hey we get it, sometimes you make the wrong choice for a character that affects their LOVE, LUST and LIKABILITY, and you wonder if this has completely screwed you over for romance potential. You then reload your game multiple times till it all works out. That totally sucks.

How's about a simple gifting system, where you can buy gifts for characters in the shop app, and bump up the points to where they should be? These would be capped per chapter FYI.


Puzzles like the guess the name puzzle at the bus stop in chapter 1, bring some more complexity to the game and personally speaking, can be really fun. At the same time, there's a lot of effort involved in creating them, and sometimes they don't take that long to complete.

There are already plenty of puzzle ideas mocked up and based on interest, they will be added to the game. 

Music app

There's already quite a bit of music for the game, and by the time we get to the end, there's going to be a lot more. The idea would be to have an app added to your in-game phone where you could choose the music you would like to listen to during Detective Mode.


There's a couple more ideas that would be cool to add to the game, but we won't list them out here right now. We're going to feel out how things go, and based on that we'll put them forward. At the same time, the last thing we want to do is make promises that we can't keep. 

Along with that, thanks for reading all the way to the end! (or accidentally scrolling down here :p)

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